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Welcome to DBA Solutions Ltd

At DBA Solutions Ltd, we recognise the importance of data to todays fast changing businesses. Having the right data available to the right people at the right time is a core requirement for the vast majority of organisations. Over time data can evolve and grow bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. As businesses change, your data needs may also change. Old legacy platforms may need replacing or a unified data picture may be needed from disparate data sources.  However big or small your data needs are, DBA Solutions can help you to get the most out of your databases and associated data in order to maximise your investment.. 

Based in London and formed in 2010, DBA Solutions offers a wide portfolio of Business to Business (B2B) services across many different database platforms and data areas. We have many years of production experience on traditional RDBMS such as Oracle and MS SQL Server, as well as the new Big Data offerings such as Cloudera Hadoop and mongoDB.


This is an example for an imageWhether it is a Client-Server application, a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) stack, or a single instance database on a small Virtual Machine, we will bring to your company many different experiences of levering technologies and frameworks. Our consultancy service will provide solutions for todays database issues while maximising opportunities for tomorrows data needs. 


This is an example for an imageOur consultants have real-world production administration experience.  Whatever the technology of the core database, all of our consultants are highly skilled at working with Business Critical systems which contain very large data sets (magnitude of multiple TB and billions of rows).  Working within the frameworks and constraints of your business needs, our aim is to make sure that your systems have zero unplanned downtime and maximum performance. 


This is an example for an imageIf your data contains time or geographical (spatial) elements, we can help you to visualise your data so that you can find the answers you are looking for. For spatial data, we can take your data (partial addresses, post codes, lats and lngs) and plot the data on a series of maps. We can group the data as heat maps, clusters or summary totals. The mapping output will be tailored to your exact requirements. This activity can be carried out either on-site or remotely, all within the bounds of the Data Protection Act and of course, as you would expect complete client confidentiality.


This is an example for an imageAt DBA Solutions, we can support your data and the systems which hold it. We can help you to ingest and merge disparate data sources into one unified data set. We can help you to transfer data between systems, or simply provide you with a path towards your data goals. Whatever your data support requirements are, our company will have a solution for you. 


This is an example for an imageDBA Solutions health checks are a fast and sure way to make sure that your systems are functioning as proficient as they can. We will look at all aspects of your databases right down to the Operating System and associated infrastructure that they rely on. At the end of our health check, we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings and recommended solutions. 




  • Database Consultancy
  • Database Administration
  • Data Mapping
  • Health Checks
  • Data Support Services


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